A Private Pottery class built for the 2 of you/them.

Consider a totally 'analogue' experience for that special person.

The closest to 'digital' you will find in our studio is the music playing in the background.

Two hours to completely download and re-boot.  It never ceases to amaze us the smiles on people's faces during these classes.

Consider a date and time that suits you.

Contact us to work out a date from here - ideally check our class timetable/ taster classes and work-shops - and we can schedule outside of these sessions.

Schedule your date to suit yourselves.

Gorgeous happy folk - private wheel class

What can we expect during our 2 hour private pottery lesson?

Beginning with a quick tour of the 'wheel house' - We'll provide you with a walk through of our working kiln room and an understanding of the ceramic process.

Next it'll be aprons on ( dont forget yours - you'll get clay messy and spoil your clothes for sure ) and all hands on clay.

A quick lesson on wedging the clay - the hows and whys of your clay preparation.

The fun begins - with wet clay - centre, pull and throw - yep - its a workout - but we'll give you a helping hand.

2 hours and voila!!...you''l have a few presentable pieces - we'll take you to our glaze swatch board - select - tidy up - we'll contact you ( keep an eye on your emails) in about 4 weeks to come and collect. 

StudioMade supplies everything  - we ask that you bring your own lengthy apron or a towel to drape over your lap - and trimmed nails work best on the wheel.

After we have  notified you to come and collect we can only store your work for up to 4 weeks - or we can make arrangements to freight your work to you ( freight fee applies)

hand built vase by Kim - with Chamelaucium uncinatum
Private taster class - 2 hours on the pottery wheel

There is a tangible outcome at the end of the few hours...in this time of now and instant gratification, we love to tease and make you wait ...it will be around 4 weeks before you see the final outcome and you will be surprised at the degree of creativity that harbours within us all.

This 2 hour pottery class is built around the same format as a Taster Class, the difference being its private for just the two select someones. Simply an extra indulgence for a very thoughtful experiential gift.  You and us - we can organise a suitable time that works for us all.

The pottery wheel can be the centre for this 2 hour experience, and you are also welcome to have a go at some handbuilding techniques with clay.  Whatever unfolds, we will guide you along the way and you'll be guaranteed an amazing couple of hours of fun.