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Pottery classes that develop skills in throwing on the wheel, hand building, glazing and decorating techniques during our regular 8 week term blocks of pottery classes & our new intensive 2 week 'Throw it Out' pottery classes.    There's also Pottery for everyone at StudioMade with 2 hour Taster classes and Workshops - create something to take home in these intense, small group wheel classes.

Beginners are the majority of our new enrolments - feel free to join us if you have none- to any level of clay experience.  If you then choose to re-enrol into subsequent terms, as would be expected you will develop a reasonable procifiency and 'up' your skill level. The hidden gain is the relationships that tend to develop among our students and of course self - development naturally occurs along the way.

Our classes remain small to ensure a student focused experience.

New vacancies arise 2 weeks prior to commencement of the new term - refresh your browser each time you visit the site.


Term 1

Feb 1st - 27th March


kiln props

Term 2

April 26th - June 26th

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pot props

Term 3

July 12th - September 18th

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spy hole

Term 4

October 11th - December 4th

Enquire for StudioMade's Intensive wheel Work-shop for beginners

StudioMade : intensive wheel work-shop - term breaks

Dates: between terms

Intensive wheel throwing for beginners

- across 2 weeks of 4 evening classes plus and additional glazing and decorating class.

  • so intense!! - limited to just 6 participants
  • return next term 1 for a glazing class - all inclusive price
so called  the ‘ throw it out pottery class’
 – because you will learn to do just that.
You will learn to develop an intuit as to what is aesthetically pleasing as opposed to ‘ keep it for the sake of it’.
This is an art in itself …creating more  space in our lives lightens us –
…give it a go…get your Marie Kondo on.
Less is more and all of that…its a Japanese thing.
You will practice practice practice – but the majority of your thrown work will be thrown out –
you will learn to be selective across the 4 intense classes of wedging/centering and throwing
  ….at the end of the block you will realise 4-6 -8 pieces – glazed and fired…beautiful pots made by you.

studiomade pottery class - Finn at the wheel

Taster classes

At StudioMade you can also participate in a 2 hour taster class.

These one off pottery wheel classes.  Tutors will guide you through the basics of throwing clay on the pottery wheel, beginning with clay preparation, centering clay, through to making your first clay pot. These are hands on sessions where you will get clay-dirty and enjoy a unique studio experience.

At the end of your 2 hour class you will have created 2 decent pots that will be glazed and fired - ready for you to collect in a few weeks.

Taster classes make for great gifts too!!


My partner (Matt) and I went to one of your workshops in January and absolutely loved it! We use our bowls and cup almost every dinner meal. Because of this, since then I have continued to attend a pottery studio in Sydney, and now want to buy my very own wheel back home in Torquay thanks to you and our awesome experience at Studiomade!


...just the 2 of us

! ...we had way too much fun..thanks again for having us


- Barwon Water

( group event )

My last class today at @studiomadegeelong after two and a half years. I started with only a love of ceramics and a yearning to get back to it since high school; and now I can design, make, mix glazes, operate a kiln and so much more. A huge thankyou to Darren McGinn @studiomadebydarrenmcginn for encouraging me, sharing his vast knowledge, pushing me and always saying yes when I had ideas I wanted to try.


..long term returning student...gone solo

Limited term to term class availability - please check into our website / or come join a taster class to keep in the loop on whats happening at StudioMade.

Before enrolling in any of our classes we ask that you familiarise youself with our Terms and Conditions and read our CoVID-19 plan.