Beginners Intensive


June/July Evenings

Choose your preferred set of days

Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8 p.m or

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 p.m

Thalke your tutor will take you through your paces in  this fun wheel throwing workshop.

4 classes across 2 consecutive weeks

4 x 2 hour classes

Intensive wheel work –

plus glazing and decorating – 1 x 60 minute class

  • 5th class: glazing and decorating date to  be decided

note: all inclusive price

– clay/tools/glazes/bisque firing + stoneware firing of up to 8 pieces.

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so called  the ‘ throw it out pottery class’
 – because you will learn to do just that.
You will learn to develop an intuit as to what is aesthetically pleasing as opposed to ‘ keep it for the sake of it’.
This is an art in itself …creating more  space in our lives lightens us –
…give it a go…get your Marie Kondo on.
Less is more and all of that…its a Japanese thing.
You will practice practice practice – but the majority of your thrown work will be thrown out –
you will learn to be selective across the 4 intense classes of wedging/centering and throwing
  ….at the end of the block you will realise 4-6 -8 pieces – glazed and fired…beautiful pots made by you.
Thalke is your tutor across these classes.
Mondays and Wednesdays 
June 28th & 30th
July 5th & 7th
Tuesdays and Thursdays
June 29th and July 1st
July 6th and July 8th
week 1
Introductory class
Focus on clay preparation and preparing to throw on the wheel
clay preparation – practice wedging
clay centring – get down on the wheel
week 1
2nd class
Focus on wheel work
wedge and centre your clay
begin creating cylindrical forms – focus on pulling up, opening out and compressing the clay base
select  finished forms to practise on next week
week 2
3rd class
Focus on turning and trimming leather hard pots
last week’s pots are now leather hard
-turn and trim all of your pots – select one ‘keeper’ and throw out ( reclaim ) the rest
wedge and centre your clay
practice your wedging and wheel work and throw more forms – bowls/ cylinders
select  finished forms to practice on next week
4th class
Bringing it all together
Consolidate all you have learnt over the past 3 sessions
Continue wedging, centering, throwing, trimming and turning the clay
Select 2 pots from today’s throwing – you will trim, turn and decorate these raw pots in the final glaze class.
Select 2 finished pots from the previous weeks – these will  be dried and  fired while you are sleeping
 – this is called the bisque or initial firing and prepares your pots for glazing in the final class.
5th class
Glaze hour ( take a few weeks break and return  for a 60 minute glazing and decorating class )
Date to be arranged – early in term 3 / July- to finish your pots
Your bisque ware pots will be ready for glaze application/ decoration today.
Get ready to learn a few different glaze and decoration techniques.
When you have glazed and decorated your work – it will need a final ‘glaze firing’ before it is ready for collection – we will notify you when it is finished and ready for pick up.

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Mondays & Wednesdays – Week 1 : June 28th & 30th | Week 2 : July 5th & 7th, Tuesdays & Thursdays | Week 1 June 29th and July 1st | Week 2 July 6th and July 8th