Re-enrolment for currently enrolled students only.

If you wish to change your day/time – you need to discuss this with us before submitting your re-enrolment fee as there are generally only a few ( sometimes none) vacancies arising.

As a courtesy to our students – you are given 1st preference on re-enrolment into the subsequent term.  Re-enrolments need to be settled/ confirmed by the final class of each term – you may lose your spot if you miss this deadline.

– you are enrolling for your current day and time class unless otherwise discussed and organised.

–  courses run for 8  weeks – going to miss a class or 2?..  – you know the drill…as per the ‘c’est la vie clause. Please review our Ts and Cs re our no make-up classes for missed classes – policy.

Currently enrolled students can pay here.

Please take a ticket and follow the prompts.

Payment is via direct bank transfer ( 2.5 % discount) or credit card payment ( unless you have discussed an alternate payment arrangement with us).

Please include your current scheduled class day and time in the comments section.

Firing fee remains at $10/ kg PAYG.

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As a courtesy to currently enrolled students, first preference is given for re-enrolment.

Only currently enrolled students can enrol via this page.

However, there is a deadline and all non-enrolled spaces will be advertised after the cut – off date ( ENSURE YOU RE-FRESH THIS PAGE EACH TIME YOU VISIT IT AS IT IS UPDATED FREQUENTLY).

If you are currently not a student at StudioMade but are wishing to join us at StudioMade – keep an eye on that page as vacancies can pop up anytime between now and then – for any of our classes.

Best of luck.

Additionally please update your details and confirm your place by completing this re-enrolment form – required for all re-enrolments each term.