StudioMade Terms and Conditions

Please. please. please....Book your class carefully - check your dates before hitting the buy button.

We do an not offer refunds, make up classes or swap classes for missed classes;

  • however you may gift your class or workshop booking to a friend or family member to attend in your place - please let us know if this is your intention ( this does not apply to term classes once you have commenced) .   

Choose your term/class thoughtfully if you think you will miss a class or more-  ( you have taken a non-refundable 'ticket'  - the plane will fly regardless of your empty chair).  If you have scheduled events during your pottery week, if you are doubtful you can relinquish the funds paid -  you may wish to consider an alternative term. And if life just happens to you on your pottery day – we feel for you and appreciate you love your pottery class, however the same rules apply for unforeseeable events.

StudioMade reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule classes outside of the advertised dates and times.  In this event Students will be given as much notice as possible and will be entitled to a full refund for the rescheduled class/ classes where StudioMade has been responsible for the adjustment/ cancellation of the scheduled class.

*refer below for the CoVID-19 clause

**After 4 weeks from email notification, any uncollected work cannot be guaranteed to remain available for collection.  StudioMade has limited shelving space available for storage of work.

Postage can be organised by arrangement prior to this time.

Once your enrolment ( includes Taster classes/Specialist classes as well as term classes) has been confirmed it is up to you to  be aware of current restrictions imposed by DHS - if you are unsure if your class is running please contact us. Understand it is logistically impossible to notify students individually of these changes.

Currently enrolled students in our 8 week blocks - please refer here for further detail.

All classes cancelled and re-scheduled due to CoVID are not refundable - classes will be re-scheduled and bookings are transferable to the end of 2021.

It is up to you to keep an eye on the website for new class calendars/ availability.

When you re-book - you need to ensure you supply your previous product order number which acts like your paid invoice - proof of payment.