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For 2 hours or 8 weeks

Our creative space allows you freedom to explore and learn, to fail and to excel – to relax and unwind.  In a supportive environment the 2 hours will be more than just hands on clay – as the weeks or just 2 hours transpire you’ll be surprised at the non-tangible outcomes you experience beyond development of your clay skills.

These 2 hour throwing taster sessions offer an introduction to throwing for beginners, covering: the wheel basics & throwing a form.  You'll get alot of help in this small group class of 6 - outcome driven!!

Raku is immediate, exciting, often unpredictable, and beyond fun - these day sessions are running at various intervals during the year, includes light refreshments with lunch. Now running Glaze making 101 for beginners.

StudioMade welcomes absolute beginners to all of our mixed level classes.  There's quite a flow our dedicated tutors create - nobody is left behind - dont expect 'lock-step' in our weekly classes - incorporating both handbuilding and wheel work. Your focus - your choice.

hand building

All of our term classes include the flexibility to learn hand building.  Our tutors as well as being highly talented are also multi skilled - choose to sit at the table or the wheel during our 8 week studio classes.

Build your own group for 2 hours and get your hands in the clay. Consider adding share platter and drinks or enjoy a wholesome little kids/big kids play date.

Select from a number of options - a simple taster class, a Friday night social taster with catering, a private pottery class for 2 or a flexible gift card.

The Open Classroom/ Pottery Studio

A boutique pottery studio in Geelong with dedicated and passionate tutors to lead you on your path to creativity with clay

When you walk through the StudioMade door you’ll be entering another zone.

Working at your own individual skill level our tutors will assist and guide you – there is plenty of studio time for 1:1 tuition with our tutor to student ratio in the 2 hours that will rush by.

You will develop your own personal style and may choose to focus or  free flow between the potter’s wheel and hand-building in some of our more flexible classes.

There can be a broad breadth of skill development in a single class –  work at the pace that works for you at that moment in time.  There are no rules – the clay itself  is the best teacher.

Absolute Beginners – is where all of our students start – even the more proficient. You’ll begin with the basics – working with the clay, discovering its temperament as you learn the ceramic process from StudioMade’s practising cermacists/tutors.

StudioMade offers  a unique pottery studio experience-  for you or | and | or your friends and family.  You’ll also be invited into the kiln room – ‘back of house’ where the true magic happens.

These 2 hour throwing taster sessions offer an introduction to throwing for beginners, covering: clay preparation, wedging, centring clay on the wheel and throwing basic cylinders. The workshop is taught by one of our pottery tutors – it is a great way to spend time with family and friends – or get the feel for the studio connection if you’re thinking of a longer term commitment to pottery.

With assistance ( quite a bit!!) from our seasoned tutors you will get to realise some fairly confident  renditions of your own ceramic creations.

Buying as a gift? We offer Digital Gift Vouchers so your loved one can pick a date that’s best for them!

Build your own group, or host your own private pottery event at StudioMade – small groups most welcome. Running to the format of a 2 hour taster class.

Events can be handbuilding/ wheel work or both – whichever it is – these group experiences are alot of fun. We can mix it up with drinks and share platters if you wish.

Calculate your group number and get back to us with dates/ times. and we’ll work from here.Contact us to arrange a quote and to discuss your group booking.  We’ll forward an invoice to secure your booking date.

thinking of a gift voucher - what a fabulously, creative gift idea !! you'll be in the good books

 Ensure to keep the order number in a safe place - you will need this when booking.

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