Advanced Workshops


Held a number of times a year this is an all day event full of fine, fire and surprises.

Limited to 8 participants, this hands on event will enable you to experience the smoke, fire and alchemy of the raku process. Bring your own bisque ware or purchase pieces to glaze on the day. The magic of the day is the instantaneous results - take home your pinging hot ware, where no 2 pieces will ever be the same.



Welcoming novice potter's as well as those who are a little further along the track.

Getting back into the classroom with the scales and calculator you'll be measuring and weighing glaze materials and applying them to a myriad of test tiles. You will learn how to follow a glaze recipe, create a small adjustment to a single base glaze formula and let the alchemy begin.

Limited to 4 participants, running for 3 hours and returning in a few weeks to collect your test tiles, discuss glaze results, troubleshoot and answer any hanging questions.



Glaze making classes

Kiln Firing Workshop 101


Come along to this workshop and get the basics for firing your kiln at home.  Whether you're all fired up with gas or electric we'll cover both. If you're thinking of buying a kiln, or just not quite there with the confidence factor, by the end of this session you will be armed with the information you need.

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