pottery class-gift voucher

e-gift vouchers


E-vouchers can be sent to afar and are flexible so your loved one has the flexiblity to choose their class and date.

Great gift idea.
Consider a totally ‘analogue’ experience for that special person & yourself/ or another.

Can be used for any of our pre-scheduled Taster classes running on a regular schedule throughout the year.

Flexible vouchers can be used for any of our classes or instore at our bricks and mortar gallery /shop - purchase ceramics and pottery supplies.

the booking process

its really easy - just hang on to that order number

We're here to help and fast to respond - any issues with bookings - simply contact us and we'll sort it out.

Taster classes are advertised on a regular basis throughout the year – this gift card is 'flexible' however does not automatically reserve a spot in any of our classes.  Book early to avoid disappointment – taster classes book up quickly – our wheel only classes are limited to a maximum number of potter's wheels.

Save the Unique order number

You will receive a unique order number for the giftee to use when booking a class.  Keep in a safe place and  store the email purchase confirmation receipt.  There is no expirey dates on our vouchers, however the order number is required when booking.

Are for 2 people for 2 hours at a time and date that is negotiated once your booking is confirmed by payment.  Contact us and we can organise a 2 hour wheel or  hand building session.  If you'd like to add strawberries and prosecco - or something of the like - we're happy to organise this for you or BYO if you please.

FAQs on pricing

Why are the gift vouchers more expensive than simply purchasing a Taster class?

  • Flexibility - your loved one gets to choose the time and date suitable for them
  • There is no expiry date on our gift vouchers - but do hang on to 'proof of purchase - Order number'
  • Firing and glazing of x2 pcs is included in the price of the Regular taster class gift vouchers ( value of $20)
  • extra administration is required to prepare and send each voucher and also sometimes to assist your loved one through the booking process - it all takes time:)  We have included a $10 fee to cover these costs.

Please note - our cancellation policy applies once the gift voucher has been allocated to a booking date.

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