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Pottery Studio - Classes for you

Geelong pottery classes | @ StudioMade we offer 8 week term classes that encompass the pottery wheel as well as tuition in hand-building with clay, glazing and decorating techniques.


Join us in April 2021 for a wheel throwing intensive workshop- 4 classes over 2 weeks.

Private pottery classes, events for corporates, friends and family are also something we offer at StudioMade.  StudioMade is a unique venue with something real going on inside - a great opportunity to mix up creativity and celebration.

Group Taster classes are also on offer at Studiomade.

These one off 2 hour pottery wheel classes will introduce you to the basics of centring the clay and throwing  on the pottery wheel.  Limited to 5 participants.

- results are generally very exciting for Taster classes - we will glaze and fire 2 pots and contact you when they are ready to collect in a few weeks.

price includes all tools and equipment - and custom glazing and firing of 2 pieces of pottery.

Pottery classes are also a popular and unique gift.

Pottery shop - Geelong Ceramics Studio

These are dynamically changing times giving rise to the artisan and the cultural imperative of creativity.

In this world of busy the time of the maker is now…..the restoration, recognition and an appreciation for the handmade and individually crafted is being reckoned with in our time.

Take a wander through the shop you will find collections from dinnerware to kitchen utilitarian items, sculpture light fittings and even a kitchen sink – all individually crafted and marked by the hand of the maker.

While ceramics are a featured product, Darren’s skills are not limited to working with clay. From a sculptural back ground Darren also weaves other organic materials into his practice.

As an artist the hours are long, but as that old cliche goes, the work is not hard when you do something you love.Darren is now ever more engaged in his heart-passion – designing and making from his home based studio. Collaborating with lighting designers and manufacturers, chefs and interior designers he looks forward to expanding his repertoire . So many ideas – so little time.

Whether it be a picnic plate or a pinchpot, a beautiful hand thrown ceramic bowl or sink, you will be mesmerised by the authenticity of the form. Every handcrafted piece sings a different song, has been individually crafted and is ready to find a place to share its beauty.

Our dedicated Geelong pottery studio/ retail space is a unique blend tucked away on the outskirts of Newtown in Geelong- far from the ‘madness’ of Pako St, and a stone’s throw from the beautiful Barwon river.


studiomade 15 holyrood ave newtown geelong victoria

this is us

...In 2017, after an exhaustive search for the 'right' location, we found an old washing machine repair factory in need of bringing into the 21st century. Situated a stone's throw from the beautiful Barwon River, in a truly yet to be discovered spot of the west end of Newtown.

It was a fixer upper but had the perfect amount of character. Over the next twelve months, assisted by family and friends, we painstakingly refurbished one of the two buildings on the site.

We knocked down all internal rooms, removed old flooring and polished the concrete, installed a grunty 3 phase power board and started again. We designed each space with the same care and attention to detail that we apply to our products, our pottery classes, and to our consignment requests.

The culture of ' disposable decorating ' feeds landfill and ' built to last ' is finally being questioned - as is the notion of ' if it's broken chuck it out, get another one !'

It is finally resonating with mainstream that this is not a sustainable notion.

We are finally getting it.  If we can all buy one less mass produced, unethical, cheap item this year, walk around  our 'hoods ' instead of 'scrolling through online' - support the little businesses - the makers, the crafters - the workers....we will each have a piece of heart and soul - valuable expressions of spirit.

Darren continues along on his own 'parallel' creative journey - reclaiming his home studio - to think, design, make and create....

at the same time he is creating a community of creatives and doers at his Geelong pottery studio - welcoming new students and continuing with the regulars.....

come visit us at our bricks and mortar space - variable opening hours