Private Pottery classes for groups

Begin by having a conversation with your group - work out your numbers and a preferred booking date.

Contact us to work out a date from here - ideally check our class timetable/ taster classes and work-shops - and we can schedule outside of these sessions.

Private taster class - 2 hours on the pottery wheel

Pottery classes are a great way to engage with friends/ family/ work colleagues.

These Taster Classes are made for fun and designed to give you the opportunity to experience the potter's wheel and/or to learn a few hand building pottery techniques.  Whether you’ve never tried the pottery wheel nor even touched clay or if you would just like to re-connect with the medium, this is the opportunity to immerse yourself  in this 2 hour session and enjoy the experience.

Everyone will have one or 2 acceptable ‘keepers’ at the end of this class.  For those who wish to keep a piece or two, we can bisque fire your ware once it has dried and then we custom glaze your work for you – a selection of StudioMade's house batch glazes will be available to choose from on your pottery day.  The larger group projects will also be taken care of 'back of house' and will be ready for collection alongside individual work.

All things ceramic is a slow process.  If the kiln gods are kind and all goes to plan your pots will be ready for collection within 4-6 weeks,  at which point we will notify you and you can swing by to collect your precious cargo. response to some of your FAQs  -

  • we are a ready made group wanting to do a pottery class together - we have an idea of when we can get together
  • we are wanting to celebrate an event/party with some pottery on the side
  • I would love to do a pottery class with my child and know of a few like minded families
  • we are a small business wishing to do some team building at your studio
  • wondering if we could have a daytime event that might involve coffee/food and pottery
  • we are a family - together with younger children and teenagers - we would like to mix it up with the pottery wheel and some hand-building.

What can we expect during our 2 hour private pottery lesson?

Beginning with a quick tour of the 'wheel house' - We'll provide you with a walk through of our working kiln room and an understanding of the ceramic process.

Next it'll be aprons on ( dont forget yours - you'll get clay messy and spoil your clothes for sure ) and all hands on clay.

A quick lesson on wedging the clay - the hows and whys of your clay preparation.

The fun begins - with wet clay - centre, pull and throw - yep - its a workout - but we'll give you a helping hand.

2 hours and voila!!''l have a few presentable pieces - we'll take you to our glaze swatch board - select - tidy up - we'll contact you ( keep an eye on your emails) in about 4 weeks to come and collect. 

After we have  notified you to come and collect we can only store your work for up to 4 weeks - or we can make arrangements to freight your work to you ( freight fee applies)

StudioMade supplies everything  - we ask that you bring your own lengthy apron or a towel to drape over your lap - and trimmed nails work best on the wheel.

what's your event?

(oops the mark of the maker)| Taster classes at StudioMade - almost finished - raw pots
studiomade pottery class - Finn at the wheel
Taster class - event - the many hands of Barwon Water

 option 1 - small group

  • 3 - 5  participants $600 for a private 2 hour class - includes individual pottery wheel allocation and  individual attention to get the basics for a wheel thrown form.
  • Runs to the format of a Taster Class.
  • $250 deposit required to confirm our agreed date
  • pottery for KIDS under 15 - refer below for specific information

option 2 - medium group

  • 6 - 10 individuals @ $110 pp  for 2 hour class - split group and individual work - individual pottery wheel and group hand building projects working concurrently - students switch over 1/2 way through to experience both.
  • $400 deposit required to confirm our agreed date

option 3 - large group

  • maximum 18 individuals @ $100 pp for a 2 hour class - split group and individual work - individual hand building project and group hand building projects working concurrently - with a wheel option ( limited wheels available for larger groups) - participants switch over 1/2 way through to experience both.
  • $750 deposit required to confirm our agreed date
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I would like to organise a private booking....what next?

  1. You organise your group based on the minimum class size/  contact us first with a few dates and we can lock it in with the allocated 'minimum' deposit  - pay via the button below when numbers and dates have been finalised.
  2. Confirmation is finalised when payment has been completed - within 7 days of agreeing on the date.
  3. For a full refund cancellation needs to occur within 14 days of the event agreed date.  Should Cancellation occur due to Co-VID lock-down - as per Ts and Cs - the event will be re-scheduled.