Venco pottery wheels and Equipment

StudioMade is proud to be an Agent for Venco Pottery Studio Equipment

One of the hardest wearing wheels available – our wheel of choice and many institutions also choose to buy the W.A made wheels.

  • Infinitely variable dependent on foot pedal position

  • Free wheeling wheel head

  • Please contact us before proceeding with your purchase.
Direct Drive

Venco Direct Drive Potter's wheel | Manufacturing on hold - not taking new orders.


The Direct Drive, as the name implies uses no belts or gears – the motor is directly coupled to the wheel head.

detail - pugmill

other equipment

Contact us for pricing and order in items.
Please be aware we have no control over delivery dates - order in items can take up to 3 months. A deposit is required to secure your order - this is not refundable once the order has been placed.
Items are pick up only - we are happy to recommend reliable freight services and we can deliver to the  freight depot.

Kiln & Wheel service & repairs | Studio Set up advice & tuition

kiln & wheel | tele-health check up and advice

100% refundable with Dr. Darren the kiln doctor

Wheel Serice

Refer to our free advice before proceeding.
Specialising in Venco Potter's wheels. Your wheel needs to be delivered to our Geelong site.
Full service includes replacement of bushes and grommets.
Your wheel will be at ours for minimum 2 weeks/ max 4 week turn around
-  balance of payment is due prior to pick up.


Darren McGinn offers kiln tuition and training, and can advise you on your studio layout and set up.
Specialising in schools, universities and institutions, and assisting independent potters.
Fees are charged at an hourly rate - contact us to discuss.

TETLOW kiln repairs

Refer to our free advice before proceeding.
To ensure the 'remote' quote is accurate for parts and labour- it is essential that you provide as much detailed information as possible.  See below

the phone chat

fully deductible if you go ahead with the service/order

$100 – This will give you a half hour telephone/video consultation – based on information you have provided with your initial enquiry images/make / model/ etc.

After reading the free advice/information below – and you still haven’t gleaned sufficient information to either: Purchase a secondhand kiln and need some advice or you think your kiln is reparable and you're willing to pay to fix it

- go ahead and purchase a ticket for a phone chat and we'll be in touch.

fully deductible fee

If you decide to go ahead with repair /service – $100 will be deducted from the end cost of the service/ repair invoice.

If you wish to enquire re wheel service ( Venco #3 only ), kiln firing education or studio set up – same applies.


  • call out/ travel  fee –  minimum $600 to Metro Melbourne and within 2 hours of  Geelong.
Regional Victoria and outer Melbourne will be more.
  • tuition and labour + $150/hr first 2 hours, then $100 hour.
+ parts.

tell us the problem

Get value for your 30 minute phone chat - a few pictures speak a thousand words

To ensure the ‘remote’ quote is accurate for parts and labour and we're all on the same page before the phone chat proceeds - it is essential that you provide as much detailed information as possible.
plugged waste outlet on wheel

Who plugged the waste outlet?

Someone's plugged the waste outlet

Plugged waste outlet : Very neat and tidy - no bucket - but don't do this - it will kill the wheel

Buyer beware of purchasing 2nd hand potter's wheels....check the waste outlet hasn't deliberately been blocked.

Just a wee warning - we've been getting a number of enquiries that there's a burning smell emanating and the wheel is sounding clunky....we've literally turned the wheel on on arrival and its smoked out the studio.

People are silly - Never .. ever, ever - ever plug the waste outlet.  Its integral to the design and is crucial to allowing the waste water flow out, otherwise the waste has nowhere to go and it will ultimately accumulate internally and  burn out your engine... its repairable but avoidable.

images Images Images - cant have enough images

  • Kiln make and model
    – kiln capacity - usually identified on a metal tag attached to the kiln.
  • Images - long shots, close ups, identify problem areas with macro shots - we're really trying to get an idea of
  • brickwork and elements,
  • wiring and plugs, burner ports,
  • outside kiln casing and the internal kiln condition.
  • temperature controllers, kiln identity tag for make /model,  Internal door & hinges, plug ( if electric), burners ( if gas), flue opening( if gas), specific problem spots, detail of brickwork/ elements/rust areas.
  • Add a note to your order with time and date options that suit you to be contacted for the initial phone chat.

The free advice

do your homework before you purchase/inherit that li'l gem 

Buyer beware - Secondhand kilns
We are receiving many enquiries for  requests to 'upgrade' the firing temperature of kilns that aren't reaching temperature.
You may have purchased/inherited a kiln that was great for China painting or glass firing.
These were not  made to reach stone ware temperature.
Its optimum you have 25 Amps for a single phase - minimum 20 Amps - requiring a qualified electrician.
Any single phase kiln under 20 Amps, minimum will never reach stoneware temperature.
An electrician can ascertain the 'draw-down ' of the kiln before you purchase.
Most domestic homes only have single  phase - for safety ( & insurance )you absolutely require an electrician to hardwire your kiln into your home's residential electricity supply.
Pitfalls prior to purchasing or considering revamping  an old kiln:
*energy efficiency - likely to be poor
*condition of the elements - these are expensive to replace - its a laborious job
*condition of brickwork - again another laborious task
- the kiln would need to be delivered to Geelong for either of these types of repairs.
*have you purchased a 'hobby' kiln and wondering why it wont get above 900?  STOP, there's probably nothing wrong with the kiln was never meant to reach 1280.
*have you inadvertently purchased a 2 or 3 phase kiln and you only have single phase electricity?...this will be a very expensive project if you wish to continue.
A note on Potter's Wheels
If your wheel has a 'burning electrical smell' the engine is likely to be burnt out and this will be an expensive exercise for you  - our advice would most likely be 'do not proceed' at this point - unless you're happy to pay for a new motor - you're not far off/ cost wise - from the price of a brand new wheel.
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