StudioMade runs these short 'Throw it Out'  bursts between term breaks.

Great if you've missed out on an 8 week enrolment spot.  Thalke our tutor gives a wonderful introduction to pottery in these intense lessons.

Contact us if you're keen to be wait listed for the next one - or you can book today if we've got it posted.

Intensive wheel throwing for beginners- across 2 weeks of 4 evening classes

- limited to just 6 participants

  • return next term for a glazing and decorating class - included in your fees
We are approaching this one differently.  In this workshop Thalke your tutor will help you develop an intuit as to what is aesthetically pleasing as opposed to ‘ keep it for the sake of it’.
This is an art in itself …creating more  space in our lives lightens us –
…give it a go…get your Marie Kondo on.
Less is more and all of that…its a Japanese thing.
You will practice practice practice – but the majority of your thrown work will be thrown out –
you will learn to be selective across the 4 intense classes of wedging/centering and throwing
  ….at the end of the block you will realise 4-6 -8 pieces – glazed and fired…beautiful pots made by you.

please. please.please read our Ts and Cs before booking - there are no exceptions to life getting in the way ( other than that pesky Co-VID - read the separate clause at the end).

Workshops & Taster Classes

- come as you are ( with your closed in shoes)

- do the work, while having some fun ( you'll get clay messy - bring an old towel or a lengthy apron)

- fall in love with the process - dont  be overly concerned with the outcome - the magic will happen.

Glazing at Studiomade - test tiles - house batch stone ware glazes

Glazing and firing included - this will bring your masterpieces up to 'next level' of gorgeous-ness.

Participants can choose to keep up to two pieces created during your 2 hour taster class. Choose from our selection of house batch glazes - we will kiln fire your work to bring it up to 'next level'.

Keep an eye on your emails - you should hear from us within 4 - 6 weeks.  If you havent received a notice to collect your work - please contact us- our message may have ended up in your trash - for this reason please add us to your contacts when you book a class.

I would like to organise a private booking....what next?

  1. You organise your group based on the minimum class size/  contact us with a few dates and we can lock it in with the allocated 'minimum' deposit  - an invoice will be forwarded and a deposit is required to secure the booking. ( deposit is refundable up to 4 weeks out from the agreed date ).
  2. You will receive a confirmation reminder from us 4 weeks from your agreed date - you now need to confirm your total numbers with us.  We will forward an invoice to you with  the outstanding balance due now to secure the agreed date.


We are a ready made group wanting to do a pottery class together - we have an idea of when we can get together

We are wanting to celebrate an event/party with some pottery on the side

I would love to do a pottery class with my child and know of a few like minded families

We are a small business wishing to do some team building at your studio -wondering if we could have a daytime event that might involve wine/food and pottery

We are a family - together with younger children and teenagers - we would like to mix it up with the pottery wheel and some hand-building.


Taster Classes at StudioMade - an overview & FAQs

Join us for a one off class, together with a small group of other  like minded people for a 2 hour session experiencing clay in a supportive  studio environment.  Our pottery workshops are designed for everyone. Great for no experience at all and of course anyone who has had a clay dabble would also enjoy these introductory to clay classes.

StudioMade designs these 2 hour Taster Classes around having fun and to give you the opportunity to get comfortable with the pottery wheel - you will  easily slip into this 2 hour session and enjoy the experience.  Our studio is the perfect environment to get creative and be supported no matter your perception of your level of skill or creativity.

StudioMade gift voucher - Taster Class

Want to give a Taster class as a gift? Find our e-Gift Cards here.

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Have you considered the gift of  a studio-pottery experience?

Gift vouchers are $130 and are valid for a  spot in one of our, scheduled group taster classes ( view online for availability - new classes scheduled monthly).

Our gift cards are delivered by e-mail and have no additional processing fees and are valid to the end of 2021.

A pottery class built for 2

Gorgeous happy folk - private wheel class

Consider a totally 'analogue' experience for that special person.

The closest to 'digital' you will find in our studio is the music playing in the background.

Two hours to completely download and re-boot.  It never ceases to amaze us the smiles on people's faces during these classes.

There is a tangible outcome at the end of the few this time of now and instant gratification, we love to tease and make you wait will be around 4 weeks before you see the final outcome and you will be surprised at the degree of creativity that harbours within us all.

This 2 hour pottery class is built around the same format as a Taster Class, the difference being its private for just the two select someones. Simply an extra indulgence for a very thoughtful experiential gift.  You and us - we can organise a suitable time that works for us all.

The pottery wheel can be the centre for this 2 hour experience, and you are also welcome to have a go at some handbuilding techniques with clay.  Whatever unfolds, we will guide you along the way and you'll be guaranteed an amazing couple of hours of fun.

..or organise your own private group booking

Once you have discussed with your group, please message us with your proposed dates and approximate numbers. Tell us about yourself and your group and what your expectations are from one of our group pottery classes.

(oops the mark of the maker)| Taster classes at StudioMade - almost finished - raw pots

 option 1 - small group

  • 3 - 5  participants $600 for a private 2 hour class - includes individual pottery wheel allocation and  individual attention to get the basics for a wheel thrown form.
  • Runs to the format of a Taster Class.
  • $250 deposit required to confirm our agreed date
  • pottery for KIDS under 15 - refer below for specific information
pottery workshops and studio classes at studiomade pottery

option 2 - medium group

  • 6 - 10 individuals @ $100 pp  for 2 hour class - split group and individual work - individual pottery wheel and group hand building projects working concurrently - students switch over 1/2 way through to experience both.
  • $400 deposit required to confirm our agreed date
Taster class - event - the many hands of Barwon Water

option 3 - large group

  • maximum 18 individuals @ $100 pp for a 2 hour class - split group and individual work - individual hand building project and group hand building projects working concurrently - with a wheel option ( limited wheels available for larger groups) - participants switch over 1/2 way through to experience both.
  • $750 deposit required to confirm our agreed date

Pottery for kids

Discovering clay is a great way for your child to express and extend their creativity.

By manipulating clay, children develop their fine motor skills (which aids the development of handwriting) as well as their concentration.  Working with clay also helps children to develop resilience, as what we make in clay does not always turn out the way we expected!

Working with clay helps children to gain a greater understanding of the world around them and a deeper connection to the natural world. During the 1.5 hour classes we will explore functional and non functional objects made of clay, learn about where clay comes from and above all have lots of fun learning to make something that will last for ever!



Tally - our clay tutor - will teach your child  how to create, design, make and decorate functional and /or decorative objects made with clay.  The children will gain an understanding of clay and the clay process and work towards making functional and non functional finished ceramic ware using a varied number of different clay techniques including –  pinch pot,  coil technique and small module slab work technique.  They will also  be introduced to  a number of different techniques for decorative finishes.



Our children's classes utilise a red earth clay body ( terracotta clay ), that is easily manipulated and stands up well to a single kiln firing without needing to be glazed - work will be soon ready to collect in 2-4 weeks.

pocupine pie
dinosaur land

The method

Organise your group based on the maximum class size ( 6 pax) -  contact us with a few dates and we can discuss it from here

- an invoice will be forwarded and payment is required to secure  your booking for the agreed date.

Family - teens up to 15 years

maximum class size is 6 with a maximum of 3 adults per group of 6.

This is a great way to celebrate a child's birthday with the gift of an experience - or simply to spend some holiday time with young friends.

these classes would suit if you-


  • have a ready made group of children (+/_  participating adults/carers)  wanting to do a pottery class together,
  • or you would love to do a pottery class with your child and know of a few like minded families, or
  • you are a family  with younger children and/or teenagers who would like an experience to share together.

Terms and Conditions

Bookings are a commitment to attend. If you are ill or cannot attend for any reason you are welcome to transfer your booking to another person- we ask that you  appreciate there are no exceptions to these terms.

CoVID is a separate issue - all classes will  be re-scheduled if they are cancelled due to Co-VID - we do not offer refunds - but paid up classes are transferrable to re-scheduled dates - book online.

Due to limited storage  we can not hold work for longer than 4 weeks.  Please contact us or make arrangements for collection if you are unable to pick up your work.  We can organise postage.