Intermediate-Advanced Wheel Classes

Advance your throwing skills to the next level with Dr Darren McGinn

This intensive course is designed for Intermediate to Advanced potters.

Darren will share his expertise and teach you how to throw confidently and move forward to resolve any bad habits and technical deficiencies you may have unconsciously developed.

The format is three, two-hour weekly sessions of group and individual hands-on tuition. 

Practice, practice, don’t be precious and the rest will follow.

If you have difficulty moving forward with your throwing skills this workshop that will teach you what it takes to create proficient and masterful pots. 

What's covered in the course work?


  • The importance of Clay preparation/wedging
  • The physiology of a pot
  • Enhance your ability to craft precision pots by gaining a deeper understanding of advanced skills and techniques.
  • The course instruction is tailored to your skill level and individual needs. This format will ensure your pottery skills accelerate to a higher level of proficiency.
  • Advanced throwing techniques and tips on lids, handles and the use of ribs and various throwing/turning tools
  • Pots in sections/Joining Techniques/Use of Bats/Heat Gun
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